We believe in the power of good will. We believe that wherever there is good will, good things happen. Good thoughts become great ideas. Good moments become great times. And good friends become great friends. Days are followed by nights, rounds and rounds,life will always go. Our earth is a round, our marriage rings are round, round and circles are all around, ever thought why? circles has no starting points and no ends. and that’s the beauty of it….endless… 360 degrees are 360 different point of views…360 different perceptions. We believe that living good is a fundamentalright, not a privilege. But do more than just working hard to make a livingthat you forget to make a LIFE… question what you do and what does it worth.Because if you want to make the world a better place, it’s wise to start with a better place to live in. Just start your never ending circle…build your 360…and when it comes to your home… we are happy to help you build a life…we arehappy to build the 359 around the most vital element of them all YOU This is just what we do 359 Team we are an interior architects we believed that the point of view our clients are the main stream of the project,which effect on whole universe and the project .